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i cant even write a proper subject

i hate everything right now.

just lost my phone last friday, august 24. f*cking drew's. can't even hold a lost and found item. i was so f*cking wasted. can't even remember how i got home.

and now..for this week:
Pass 3 for Business Plan
History Long Test (Noli and El Fili)
Creed Exercise (Theology)
Aquinas Quiz (Philosophy)
Economics Quiz

hay nako. the life of an atenean.

again, i hate everything right now.

my ls groupmates are "off" or i dunno. we apparently dont work well together...we're not as efficient and as effective as i thought we were gonna be. and they're my "colleagues" until the end of the year. pfft. hope everything turns out ok, fine even.

my academic life's beginning to take a turn for the worse. =( i failed my eco long test. i failed my histo unit test. i get low on my philo papers. i got an especially low grade and a SPECIAL MENTION from my theology teacher who accuses me of being "extraordinarily prejudiced" against Christianity. i also get low grades in my individual cases from my good-for-nothing ls (strategy formulation) class. i also got a passing mark for my first exam in polsci. i hate it. i hate it. i hate it. i mean, i was never conscious with my grades but come on man, cut me some slack. im working my ass off here.

know what i also hate? my life. (probably grounds for extraordinary prejudice eh? =P) dont get me wrong, i love that im alive. thankful, even. i just really hate it right now! right now, i wish i was living someone else's life. i just cant stand it anymore...all the unspoken words that i never wanna tell any of them...this sucks. this really sucks. =(

Start Fresh?

everyone's telling me to start fresh.
act like nothing happened.
how could i? im trying but it's just too hard. why is she so clueless? or isn't she?
i need some damn answers!