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Bum No More!

FINALLY! After waiting forever, I finally landed a job - and a good one at that! I've been here for exactly 7 days since September 10. And so far, it's great! The people are really nice, great location, great office, great stuff. haha As of the moment, the reason why I'm blogging here in the office is because I've done all that I have to do, as well as something which I didn't have to do. But oh well. It's all good. :)

So, it was my birthday last week. I am now officially an adult. Crap. Haha Had lunch with Mic in Greenbelt, kinda gay, but who cares, we're best buds. Had dinner at Friday's in Bonifacio High Street with my "group," bill c/o King =P I love having rich and generous friends :D After dinner, we went to Ascend Club in High Street as well. All in all, it was a great night! Oh and by the way, we just planned it the night before hahaha spontaneous gatherings are great :))

Hmmm what else can I say? Oh yeah. We can wear anything to work =P as long as we look presentable coz you never know when you'll need to go to 6750 for a P&G meeting. Crappy thing is, all the girls here have boyfriends. Hay. Guess it's not yet time to have a better half.

Eventful Monday

So I got my stitches out today...apparently there were 3 stitches in my toe. You might ask the sensation I felt while the stitches were being yanked out one by one. Gahd. It was like my toe was sliced with a sharp knife three freaking times!!!! Oh well, at least it's all over now. Finally. I can exercise again. HA! ROTFL =)) Let's put it this way: now, I DON'T have reasons NOT to exercide. hahaha I really need to do some exercises. Crap.

My toe now has a "battle" scar :))


I saw a shed of light today. Thank You God for Mondays. I got 2 calls actually. I always get excited whenever I receive a call and I see that it's either an unknown mobile number or a land line number from Metro Manila; and whenever the caller's not from a company, I get so disappointed and frustrated that I become cranky all of a sudden. Well anyway the two calls that I got were, thankfully, both from companies that I was actually expecting.

The first one was from OOCL (Philippines) Inc., for the Account Executive position. My interview's for Friday and it's with the President of OOCL here in the Philippines. I'm so nervous. I don't wanna think about what the interview means or what it implies. I don't wanna say it out loud or share it with a lot of people, as I've done so in the past. I've had it. I'm keeping quiet until I know for certain already. I like the position and the benefits (they're gonna give me a car and gas allowance!) but I'm kinda scared of the pressure and the "quota" (coz there really isn't any). I hope I can do it.

On the other hand, the second call I got was from Carat. Cherry actually sent me an e-mail from Jam regarding the position. It's for an Associate Communications Planner. Basically like the one I applied to before for Mindshare. Field of media again. A very hyped and fast-paced industry. I really like this one again. huge sigh. Plus, I'd probably be working with Jam. hehehe =P it's just a little crush I have. =P

Soooooo....I don't know what to do. A week or 2 ago, I told myself that whatever offer comes my way, I'd grab it. No questions asked. I really want AND need a job already. Let's see what happens. 'Til then!