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An Unfinished Entry

I don't think I'm happy. I want more. I'm always bored. I do nothing. Give me something to do demmit. I'm not some kid who doesn't know how to do anything. Anyone can make mistakes, especially when you do nothing for the longest time then you're expected to be able to finish a task in a whif. A task that, is so overwhelmingly simple that you end up missing something.


but i'm okay now with work :D

Post-Bonfire Thoughts

What am i doing right now?

Waiting for my VERY responsible sister. Ok, fine, I lost my keys to the condo so I can't get in. But give me a break! She was supposed to be back hours ago!!! I have no idea what I'm gonna do. She told me she'll be going home. Who knew she's be going home when the sun has already risen?!? I'm so sleepy. I'm too tired, and I'm still a little bit drunk. What the hell am I gonna do now?? I wanna lie down so bad :((

Anyway, I attended the Ateneo Bonfire last night. Got away from the office at around 7 pm already and arrived at Ateneo at 9 pm!! It was traffic everywhere, almost similar to a Friday night because of the holiday (End of Ramadan). THERE WERE TOO MANY PEOPLE - to the point that it wasn't fun anymore. haha Well, the whole point really of the bonfire is to celebrate the players. Ateneo won 4 championships this season! (Men's Seniors and Juniors Basketball, GS team won something as well, and the Swimming team - congrats!!) As we all know, the most advertised and the most popular is the Blue Eagles' win against the Green Archers. 6 years mehn! It's been 6 years since they last met in the Finals and since the Blue Eagles' last championship! Kudos to everyone in the team!!! Aside from all the controversies and issues regarding the championship, it was a well-fought game and a well-deserved championship. THANK YOU!

Regarding the bonfire, it would've been a lot of fun if it hadn't rained in the afternoon. The whole field was like a mud bath! There were so many people. I didn't even get to see some of my friends who I know went to the bonfire. Even calling/texting was very difficult inside the Ateneo campus. Buying food and drinks in itself was already a very tedious task. Looking for someone is just plain horrifying. We've endured the losses for 6 years in the UAAP Senior's Basketball. We deserve this - each and every Atenean. I just love the spirit of the Ateneo community, especially when it's for something as grand and as important as this one. In times of victory, sure, we gather and make a big thing out of it. But when we lose, which is even more important, we hold our heads up high. We "claim our runners-up trophies." We applaud and praise the other team for their winning efforts. That's how an Atenean loses. I will never get tired of attending such events, of buying/looking for scalpers for tickets to the games, of cheering as hard as I can especially when the going gets tough.

One big fight indeed.