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Sometimes all we need is a hug =)

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It wasn't a typical Friday morning for the P&G Planning Team as we were greeted this morning by the Auditing Team from P&G. Feelings of shock, surprise, and irritation ran through everyone because of the added last minute task.

But upon deleting all the e-mails, all the ex-client-related files and folders, it was actually therapeutic, with a feeling of "Yes, it's all finally over!"

So after our usual long Friday lunch, we're back in the office doing absolutely nothing work-related.

Looking forward to a great party tonight and a peaceful weekend ahead.

A New Start

After a year and 1 month into the account, this is literally the last day of the P&G account. Thanks to everyone who I had the opportunity to work with - the wonderful P&G media team, the crazy brand managers, and of course, the Carat P&G Planning team --- without whom the 1 year wouldn't have been as bearable.

Kudos to everyone! And here's to a new start. =D

The Cycle of Life

Something I know all too well...I'm now on "Acknowledging Fatness." I'm at my heaviest weight ever. Let's see if I'll move on to "Ineffectual Resolutions" anytime soon. =)

Oh and my oreos is alcohol. =D

AdSense All Around

Even my tumblr site has Google Adsense already! Yahoo! I wonder where else I can earn money online.... 

Join me in tumblr, sign-up now! =) 


Finally, after 2-3 long years, I had the guts to say yes to Vietnam trip with my friends, which was initiated by Cebu Pacific's Seat Sale. The last time was way back in 2006 during my Macau days when I had all the time and money.

I'm soooooo excited!! Can't wait to see the breathtaking and "magical" Halong Bay, absorb the wonders of Vietnamese culture, and taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Real pho, real spring rolls, and so much more. =)

Hoping this trip will be worth the upcoming months of savings and "discipline."  GOOD LUCK TO ME =P