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Loving Work

I'm enjoying it! :) Or maybe it's because of the party we had last weekend. It was a hell of a party. Lots of things, lots of information...bonding all the way. Went home 9 or 10 am already. Finally found my "niche" in the group.

As I mentioned, lots of things happened at that party - but two major things are the highlight of my night. One is I finally got to try some "candy," as my office mate calls it. I didn't even expect to be drunk or wasted that night, let alone stoned! So we took half a pill each. There were 3 of us who took. Those two, after about 30 minutes, started feeling the effect already. Light-headedness, sweaty arms, dehydration, and all other symptoms. As for me, I felt nothing. Zilch. I was on the verge of losing hope and was gonna ask for another one but alas, we finished it all. So there we were. They were having the time of their lives in our little group with no one else knowing but the three of us. Shockingly, when the effect wore off, I got hit. And man, I loved it so much! Now I understand :) I was so happy that night.

Another big thing happened at that party. But this one happened in the morning already, while everyone else was asleep. I really didn't expect it as well. Who the f*** would expect it? You thought you knew someone...but it's nice. I think. We went on a date already after that...but that's for another blog altogether. Seriously. That date was so i-dont-know-how-to-describe-it kind of a thing.

So as of now, I'm happy :) Really.