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Beer Below Zero Competitor!

Our all-time favorite chilled beer, Beer-Below-Zero now has competition!!! Introducing the "Double-Chilled-Beer." Found this in Attica Bar , beside Gasthof , in A-venue Mall , Makati Avenue.

wonder how it compares to BEER BELOW ZERO  coz BBZ is just love!!! =D


Emo by Cranium

Found this on one of the pencils included in the Cranium box.

Just couldn't resist posting. =D�


Remind me never to work on my personal laptop (netbook rather) again! Damn work made MiniPots crash! BOOOOOOO!!!!! FFFAAAIIILLLL!!!!!!

Just Because I'm Gay....

Yes I'm gay. So what?


nothing is ever perfect. life always seems to find a way to fuck us up in the ass when everything SEEMS to be ok---not even perfect, just ok.

Wanted: Old Shoes!!!

Trade in your old shoes to get  Php 1,000 off any new Adidas shoes!

Promo is from May 1 to 17.

And the answer is...

I'm scared to find out.

Being Good

I'm finally learning to be a good you-know-what =) Had a steady day with D in Tagaytay, with balikbayans. So tired, but good day nonetheless.

LOOOVVEEE Antonio's!!!

Gelopots' New Toy

The Computer is Personal Again

Introducing my new toy, the HP Mini-Note 2133 :)

I finally have one! woot woot GV all around =P

I've been eyeing this netbook since last year, and couldn't wait for it to come out. Ever since I decided to ditch my HUGE Acer (21" screen), I've been looking for a replacement that would be very portable and would really be suited for my needs.

And then the netbooks arrived. Woah! I wasn't very keen at first on buying a netbook because the flagship company that released one was Asus (not a fan, obviously), with its Eee PC. It was SO tiny and the keyboard was just unbelievably small. So I veered away from desiring to own a teeny tiny laptop because my thinking then was "If I'm gonna pay that much for a laptop THAT small, I'd rather buy a regular one with better specs."

But then I became an online junkie =D because of my bestbud 's influence. So I needed to get a fix every day. That's when I decided I needed a laptop again. It wasn't enough that I'm online while I'm at the office because, well, there's work. Long story short, I finally decided to look for one and since I love HP, decided to stick with it :)