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Ever since "Google" became a verb, I can't seem to imagine life WITHOUT Google. We rely on it so much for information that I can't think of anything that I can't find through Google. Taking it to the extreme, I read a few weeks before of a man delivering his wife's baby with the help of Google. Story here.

Can you think of anything?

My 3D Desktop

Presenting my 3D desktop. This is so awesome!!!! =D

All Talk

What about...? Hahaha

Secrets Revealed

How great is this! A Victoria's Secret commercial directed by Michael Bay! This vid is just 2 kinds of hot. =)

This premiered during the fashion show last Dec 2.

Waving Goodbye

Here's one nice and effective use for Google Wave: video production =P The folks who brought us PULP WAVE FICTION and GOOD WAVE HUNTING is here again with a new video to "wave" goodbye to the year that was. Enjoy!

And in case you haven't seen the others, here they are:

My Toy Car

Thanks to Joanne, I now have a new toy!!! I totally didn't expect this and was so excited to play with it that I ripped the wrapping paper and box =P Feels good to be a little boy again.

the cutest toy car ever!!!! from gelopots on Vimeo.

For MGCChaves

Create Your Own

Marky Mark from gelopots on Vimeo.
a reminder for brownpen to keep his hands to himself all the time (=P) and that he will ALWAYS have something to go back to here in the Philippines. GOOD LUCK!


Our very own BBZ freezer for our Christmas party! Woohoo!!! Looks like Santa's getting cold =P

Of course, our very own Beck's beer all the way from Subic is part of the freezing program (thanks jpb!) =) Can't wait to get my hands on those babies.

LOMO Love!!!

I love love love my Holga!!! =D Got it during the St. James Christmas Bazaar in Ayala-Alabang. Couldn't wait to use it. Thankfully, the playground served as the PERFECT shooting location! Here are the results:

And its 1 year old brother, the action sampler:

Personality test

In fairness, it's kinda accurate =)

Global Personality Test Results
Stability (60%) moderately high which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Orderliness (60%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, reliable, neat, and hard working at the expense of flexibility, efficiency, spontaneity, and fun.
Extraversion (60%) moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Take Free Global Personality Test
personality tests by

Armin Live in Manila!

The world's no.1 DJ for 3 straight years, Armin Van Buuren graces Manila with his presence yet again! Another night of giving in to the music and bowing down to the king.

Here's his introduction and the first few seconds of the show:

Armin Van Buuren Live in Manila 2009 from gelopots on Vimeo.
Introduction and first few seconds of the Armin party last night, Dec 10, 2009.

Do you fit?

Advertising creative stereotypes? Or general media industry stereotypes?

Click the image to see in greater detail.

10 ways to save money

Nokia Experiments

Cool ads for the new N97 mini.

And there's another one!

Google Street View Music Video

Google Maps in itself is already amazing. The Street View function (only available in the US) is even better! Eugene Cheung (a geek/artist) used the Street View function to make this awesome music video.

The song is "Banshee Beat" by Animal Collective.

BANSHEE BEAT from chinorockwell on Vimeo.
My homage to LA, Animal Collective, and everything in between. This re-traces my drive down to a film set near Little Tokyo when I used to work as a grip.  Do you remember where you were when you felt the most motivated in life?  I was here and this song brought everything to life each morning.

Logo Evolution

See how some of the world's biggest brands' logos have evolved over the years here. Some of my favorites:

City Lights

I miss taking pictures of the Makati skyline from the roofdeck of our old condo. =( But this is just as good =)

taken from Greenbelt 3

and the moon was still full =)


Re-blogging from Anacom.It's a mouth-full but very interesting read.

Psychology doesn’t have to be as complicated as it is often presented, but it does often work by a subtle and inverted logic that is well worth understanding and learning to deal with. Of particular importance is the logic behind what Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung popularized with the term “complex.”

A complex is a bundle of ideas, memories, attitudes, emotions, passions, and habits focused on a theme — for example, the “inferiority complex.” This theme can take over a person and affect how he feels and understands his situation. Talk to a person with an inferiority complex, and no matter how much you praise his talents and accomplishments, he will still feel inadequate. A complex is not reasonable and is not susceptible to reasonable argument. One aspect of a complex is that a person makes reasonable-sounding statements that actually are the complex speaking. A person with an inferiority complex, for example, may convince you that he needs another year of study or another set of credentials in order to be prepared for his vocation. Unless you listen closely and sense the neurotic jitters in his tone, you may not notice the complex hiding behind his reasonable deductions.

Someone with a mother complex may tell you very kindly and helpfully how to do something, and only later will you realize that this pleasant person would like to control your whole life. Another person may have a Narcissus complex. He can’t stop talking about himself and interprets everything in terms of his own situation. 

A complex is mostly unconscious, so the person talking has no idea that he or she is being controlled like a puppet by a deep-seated emotional obsession. Friends and lovers of such a person may know too well that something is wrong, but they have no idea what to do about it.

Psychologists often advise to “go with the symptom.” Don’t try to get rid of it or urge its opposite. It’s better to take the symptom as given, and try to deepen it. Therefore, to a friend with an inferiority complex, you could say, “It’s extraordinary how much I don’t know about my field, and yet I get along pretty well.” A person caught in an inferiority complex may need to discover that we all are ignorant of many things, all incapable and prone to error. Inferior means lower, and the inferiority complex may signal that a person has to join the human race.

It’s interesting how often the complex hides its polar opposite. The inferior person doesn’t let on how superior he feels deep down. The paranoid person doesn’t show how gullible he can be. 

In knowing these few simple rules about a complex, when you sense one in the otherwise reasonable statements of a friend or spouse, child or parent, you can glimpse the deeper, hidden issue with which you’re really dealing. And that is a step forward. Jung referred to a complex as a sub-personality. You may assume that you’re talking to your friend, when actually it’s Mr. Inferiority or Miss Paranoid at the other end of the conversation.

There is a temptation in the unaware listener to identify with the opposite of the position taken by the person caught in the complex. You listen to someone putting himself down, and you try to build him up. You hear someone warn about conspiracies, and you try to show that no such conspiracies exist. Your words, however, will be vacuumed into the vortex of the complex and interpreted accordingly. The inferior person will say, “It’s easy for you to talk about success; you have talent and ability. I have none.” The paranoid person will say, “You’re out to get me, like everyone else.”

One thing you can do, although it may seem as crazy as the complex, is to agree with the person, but speak more realistically and deeply. I knew a doctor who could never be convinced that he knew enough about medicine to practice comfortably. I tried to get him to tell me precisely where he was deficient. I got him to describe to me in detail how much he would never know and then to feel relatively comfortable with his ignorance.

We could all deal with the highly neurotic human condition by thinking more subtly about what is being said in all of our interactions. That unkind word you just heard may not be coming from the well-intentioned person in front of you but from a complex that speaks from a cave deep in the person’s psyche.

From: Spirituality & Health


Farmville, the Pinoy version. Hhmmm good or bad?


For 2 nights in a row, the moon was just magical and perfect. Clear night skies, perfect moon, and cool weather. =)

from the Ayala Triangle Gardens (12.02.09)

from Ayala Triangle Gardens (12.02.09)

from Salcedo Village (12.03.09)

Symphony of Lights

To commemorate the "face-lift" of the Ayala Triangle park and to welcome the Christmas holidays, Ayala put up a light and music show inside the Ayala Triangle Gardens. This "symphony of lights" is similar to the one in Hong Kong, complete with Christmas tracks and a light show unique to the Philippines. Light designer Voltaire de Jesus and sound designer Jethro Joaquin came together to put on a wonderful show that makes every onlooker feel like a child again.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Music and Light Show from gelopots on Vimeo.
In time for the holidays, Ayala transformed the forest terrain of Ayala Triangle into a landscaped and walkable park. For this Christmas season, it boasts of a music and light show every weeknight from 6 to 7:30 pm.Unique metal sculptures scattered around the garden also add to the unique attraction that the park brings.

Aside from the light show, there are also scrap art and brass and iron sculptures around the park that serve as another attraction to the park-goers. The scrap art exhibit is by Ral Arrogante, in collaboration with Art Galleries Philippines; while the metal sculptures are by Castrillo-Hill.

Other attractions/perks of going to the ATG, as they call it, are Globe Tattoo's FREE WI-FI (it was pretty fast) and food concessionaires (Caramia-Amici's branded gelato and Big Chill).

Here are some shots from my Nokia N95:

Christmas is in the air! Part 2

More snapshots of Christmas trees, holiday decorations and whatnots =) Enjoy!

Carat's very own Santa Claus wishes you a Merry Christmas

Our area's humble Chrismas tree

Mark and Cham strike a pose with the Liberty Center Christmas tree

SM Mall of Asia

Lights and music show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

Bad (Bro)mance!

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance SPOOF. LOL

Happy weekend everyone!

National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009 - The Big Picture -

National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009 - The Big Picture -

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Emo Twitter

This is just sad =(

Global Celebration

Spontaneously had dinner in SM Mall of Asia a few nights back. As rumored, the steel globe was supposedly transformed into one big LED display, but it was actually just individual LED lights, and of course, by day it's still a steel globe.

SM MOA Globe Lights from gelopots on Vimeo.
The huge steel globe in front of SM Mall of Asia transforms into a huge Christmas ball at night. This huge, round spectacle is a delight for both mall-goers and passers by.

The walkway was also adorned with a spectacle of Christmas lights, providing for a very festive SM Mall of Asia. =)


Last year, I got an Action Sampler for my first lomo cam. Pictures here.

And now, it's time for another one! I've been debating on getting either a Fish-eye or a Holga since I love them both. The vintage effect and vignettes of the Holga are just classic but I also love the distortion that the Fish-eye provides.

Thankfully, after much online canvassing, I stumbled upon Lomoflavors that sells a Holga 135 with a Fish-eye lens! Now I can have the distortion of the Fish-eye with the effects of the Holga. =)

And best of all, I don't need to look for those 120 films anymore as my Holga only requires the normal size (135).

my Holga 135 BC

fish-eye lens for Holga

Christmas Bargain

You know you're in the Philippines when even Christmas ornaments have OVERRUNS. LOL.

taken during the Noel Christmas Bazaar in World Trade Center, Pasay

Christmas is in the air!

What's your Christmas sign? I get my first feel of Christmas when I see the red cups from Starbucks, those red paper cups that call out to you every time you buy your favorite cup of Christmas coffee =)

Since this is my first Christmas with Blogger, Just to pay tribute to this festive holiday, I've collected a few snapshots of this year's Christmas designs around the metro.

lantern vendors along Wilson St. in San Juan

Promenade, Greenhills

Greenbelt 3

Bonifacio High Street


*pictures were taken using Nokia N95