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You've Been Tagged!

If it hadn't been for a friend's birthday, I would never have gone and played LASER TAG!!!

I've heard a lot about this new craze in Market! Market! and that it was really really really fun. I just never got around to actually playing. I was hesitant at first since it was a work-day and I was so tired from all the effin requests.

It was such a work-out that next time I play, I'm gonna bring an extra shirt =)

You gotta love the lights! *wink*

Crazy Hour

The latest craze, Beer Below Zero, or as it is more popularly known, BBZ, recently went crazy with their promotions by presenting the CRAZY HOUR!!!

So what's this "Crazy Hour" by the fellows from BBZ?

For one hour, they beer costs only P 9.00. For one hour, drink all the bottles that you can coz you're only going to be charged 9 bucks for each! However, you never know when and where they'll be going crazy again. It's only applicable in one or two places so better watch out! =D

This is their completely MENTAL banner in Grilla along Kalayaan Avenue, just before Rockwell.

And a couple of drinking buddies from the office.

Sadly, they only had a select number of bottles per brand. The SML was gone in an instant. Then we had to resort to Pale. Then, ugh, Colt 45.