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Don't Care

I'm starting to stop.


Didn't realize the time!!! Configured my blog for 2 hours! Hahaha ok, now i'm addicted. D'oh!

A Lenten Experience

"Evening of Maundy Thursday. On top of a ledge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I was there, waiting for the full moon to rise. After a long wait, it came out of the clouds in full splendor spreading its light over the waves and ripples of the vast sea. The reflection of the moonlight over the water is a sight to behold. And finally, you will wonder about the One who created this awesome miracle. In all humility I uttered a prayer of thanks and praise to Him who made this most spectacular phenomenon.

And then, there I was, humbled by the grandeur of it all.

Let's go, my husband whispered. Hand in hand we left for the cottage in the moonlit night."

- Lety Jongo, my grandmother

Parokya ni Edgar as....

...your very own Jollibeekaheros!!!

Thanks to Jose Rizal for the link.�

I Wish

Hope asks that you notice tiny moments, each one, but not only this. Hope asks that you trust them, that you listen to them, that you take that sneaking suspicion that the Universe is indeed a safe place, a good place even and that you plant it deep into that dark corner of your heart.
Jen Lemen

Of Things To Come

What's waiting for me on the other end?

Do I really want to find out?