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Fro-Yo Craze!

As everyone knows, the latest craze in desserts is FROZEN YOGURT! Yum yum yum! =P They say it's the "healthy alternative" to ice cream. Well, it really is, as long as you don't put any toppings on it. But who can resist putting oh-so-yummy toppings on the best yogurt in town?!? hehehe Personally, my favorite brand, so far, is RED MANGO. Thank you so much that you opened a branch in Greenbelt 3 =D It's now more accessible for me and another option for the sumptuous dessert in the Greenbelt area aside from White Hat (in Rustan's supermaket, my second favorite) and Yogurt Froz (in Hobbes and Landes in Greenbelt 5)!

The Frozen Heart of a Comet

You became what you thought everyone wanted you to be. But that's not who you are. And that's who I wish you were.

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Petition to Oust Willie Revillame Petition

Petition to Oust Willie Revillame Petition

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Banned Sprite Ad

Apparently there's been this huge buzz over a supposedly Sprite commercial that's been released in Germany. It's hugely talked about in all the sites, especially YouTube, where the ad has already been banned.

Personally, I think the ad's great, creativity-wise and fun-factor and all. However, for the people in Sprite, it's bad publicity --- but publicity, nonetheless.

You can view the ad through HERE as I can't find it anywhere else. =P

You can, however, view a segment in a news show:

The filmmaker also gave his side of the story: