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The Old Christmas

Should I be worried? The holidays this year aren't as festive, the season's not as merry. Have I "outgrown" Christmas? (Actually, this feeling's been lingering for years.)

I'm nostalgic about the past Christmases, way back before. The smell of steaming embutido would wake me up in the morning, cooking for the whole day. We'd have loads of chicken pastel (mommy cooks this only once a year) and homemade fruit salad. The house would be so busy with cooking, gift-wrapping, gift-giving, and other traditions.

Seems like the traditions are fading. Christmas has been reduced to, well, noche buena and a Christmas mass. Am I out-of-line here? Am I starting to become superficial? Well that's my Christmas, at least it was.

Here's to hoping I can find the real meaning of this special holiday in the next years.


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